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Metallic Epoxy Floor In Parkton, NC

By United Floor Coatings • Posted On: May 19, 2019

In May of 2019, we traveled to the Fayetteville suburb of Parkton, NC.  A resident of the Steeple Chase neighborhood wanted to install a decorative, yet durable, garage floor that would showcase his vintage Ford Mustang.  Knowing he wanted an industrial grade epoxy, he chose to call United Floor Coatings.


After reviewing several epoxy flooring systems and color samples, the homeowner decided that a gunmetal metallic floor with a white accent was the perfect solution.  It is beautiful, durable, and makes it easy to clean up any grease or engine oil.  A metallic floor transforms any garage into an elegant showroom.


Epoxy Garage Floor in Parkton, NC


The installation took three days, as we had planned.  Metallic floors require more attention to detail and a primer coat that helps remove scratches and divots from the concrete.  The result is a flat, high gloss surface that any car enthusiast would be proud to have in their garage.


The homeowner is thrilled with his new floor and says the next step is to paint the walls and install cabinets.  He is excited to be settled into his new home and we are excited to see his blue Mustang parked on that metallic floor.

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