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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will coating my floors cost?
Prices can vary depending on the condition of your floor, the setting, and the finish you select. Typically, for residential garages, prices range from $4-$5.50 per square foot, although certain styles can cost a bit more.

Why are floor coatings so expensive? Isn’t it just paint?
No. Although epoxy floor coatings may look like paint, and be applied similarly to paint, they are not paint. Paint is a one part solution that simply dries over your surface. Epoxy is a two part solution that cures and chemically bonds to your concrete. A properly performed epoxy floor coating should last a lifetime in an interior setting like a garage while paint will often begin peeling shortly after installation.

How long does installation take?
Installation times vary by job size, but for a typical residential garage, please allow two days for installation. On day one, we prepare the floor and apply the base layer of coating and flake layer. On the second day, we apply two layers of clear topcoat, providing additional protection and a smooth, glass-like finish. If non-slip features are desired, they will also be incorporated into the flooring system on the second day.

How long before I can use my garage floor again?
Your floor will be ready for light foot traffic within 3-4 hours after installation. Please wait 24 hours before moving items back onto the floor. Some systems will allow for vehicular traffic within 24 hours, but others may require up to 72 hours.

If I have new concrete, does it still need to be prepped with a floor grinder or can we skip that step?

Floor grinding accomplishes two things. First, it can clear an old floor of contaminants, creating a clean surface for the epoxy to adhere to. This is important, but equally important is giving epoxy a rough surface to bond with. A rough slightly surface provides extra surface area for floor coatings to bond to, decreasing the chances of your floor coating delaminating. We grind every floor, new or old, to provide you with the best installation possible. Whether you work with us or not, we recommend choosing a contractor that does things this way.

What if I don’t want flake?
No problem! We install floors without flake finishes. Most homeowners prefer flake because it adds a decorative element to a normally drab and lifeless space, but more importantly, it helps mask imperfections in your floor. Most floors have some sort of imperfection, whether those be slightly uneven areas, fish eyes, or hairline cracks. Covering these with flake is a faster and cheaper alternative to repairing these imperfections. Large cracks must always be repaired before coating and flake application, however, as those will not be hidden without filling them with crack repair resin.

How long will my floor last?
In an interior residential setting, like a garage or basement, your floor coating should last a lifetime. We are so confident in this, we provide a lifetime warranty on all interior residential applications. Industrial, commercial, and exterior applications have a lot of variables and endure considerably more abuse from use and outdoor elements, so we only warranty those for a year, although you can expect them to last for many years before they need to be resurfaced.

Will floor coatings prevent my floors from cracking?
No. Floor coatings are simply aesthetic, not structural. They will help mask hairline cracks in your concrete floors, but they cannot prevent cracks from forming as your house settles just as paint will not prevent cracks in your drywall from forming as the foundation settles.