Why Choose Epoxy Floors?

By United Locations Coatings • Posted On: June 21, 2021

With epoxy floors, style and function work hand-in-hand. As a trusted product for industrial floors, commercial kitchens, auto repair shops, and hospitals, an epoxy floor coating also makes an attractive choice for home renovations, patios and outdoor living spaces, and retail showrooms.

The top reasons why homeowners and businesses choose epoxy floors:

  • Built strong to last long. Epoxy floors are extremely resistant to chipping, peeling, stains, UV fading, and the overall stress of natural wear and tear.
  • Low maintenance, low stress. Easily wipe up spills, broom away dirt, and clean with a vinegar solution. Chemical resistance means that most common cleaners won’t damage the surface.
  • Anti-slip resistance. Epoxy floors can have included with it an anti-skid ingredient making them safer for swimming pool decks, retail floors, kitchens, and factories.
  • Look good, feel good. From custom color chips to mirrored metallic epoxy floors, there’s a perfect color and texture to fit your room or personality. Whether you’re building a showroom or finishing your basement with your favorite sports team’s colors.
  • Splurge now, save later. Subtract the cost of all those future coating replacements or concrete resurfacing that you won’t have to do, and epoxy floors might just be your most affordable option in the long run. Epoxy flooring pays for itself.

Drawbacks of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floor coatings come with a lifetime warranty, meaning it’s meant to stay. Permanent adhesion to your concrete surface leaves little room for changes in preference later down the road. Its biggest drawback is how well it lasts.

The most common reason some people choose not to install an epoxy floor is simply that they won’t be in their home or business much longer. Unless you’re upgrading the floor to impress a future buyer, you might not want to make the investment.

Also, note that epoxy floors take a few days to fully bond. Although we can work around your schedule, you might need to make arrangements for the space to be briefly unavailable.

Learn More About Epoxy Floors

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